New Blogging Schedule & Pick It Fence Barn Sale Vendors



Today I bring  you some of my favorite vendors from the Pick It Fence Barn Sale and lay out a sorta kinda blogging schedule.  So here we go———

There were so many awesome vendors at the sale that there no absolutely NO WAY  to get them all in but here are a few, first up is The Garden Patch from Smiths Grove, Kentucky.

The Garden Patch Booth.

The Garden Patch Booth.


They had the most beautiful grape-vine wreaths made up in pure Americana style with flags and red geraniums.  I wanted one so bad!  They also sold beautiful plants and flowers along with vintage gardening items.  Two of my favorites were the lavender plants, of course, and their salad bowls.  In each salad bowl planter was a lettuce plant, some swiss chard and parsley.  The instructions were to pick the outside leaves when ready for a salad and then repeat.  The bowl replenishes itself and no more lettuce gone bad in the bottom of the crisper drawer.  I love it!  The Garden Patch is sourced from the Pelly Farm in Smiths Grove, Kentucky located off I-65 exit 38.  You can also visit their Facebook page or go to their store.

The Garden Patch on Main

204 North Main Street

Smiths Grove, Kentucky 42171


I hope to take the kids up soon.  I promise I’ll tell y’all all about whatever goodies we find.

Next up is J. Alexander Home the brainchild and business of January Alexander.  January is so sweet and super talented.  She dabbles in a little of everything including new and vintage furniture, iron work and garden decor, as well as vintage jewelry.  She also puts on a fabulous barn show herself called Handmade Harvest Vintage Farm Fair in Bethpage, TN.  More info coming soon.

J. Alexander Home Booth.

J. Alexander Home Booth.


Lastly are a few pics from my friend Kevin Rains.  Kevin is a phenomenal wood carver and sculptor.  I have seen him in action using his chain saw to create a wood spirit from an old tree stump, it was remarkable!!!  We will see him again at The Webb School Arts and Crafts Show in Bell Buckle, TN this Fall.  Until then you can check out his website here BearVue Artworks.

Welcome Bears by BearVue Artworks.

Welcome Bears by BearVue Artworks.

A wood Spirit by Kevin Rains.

A wood Spirit by Kevin Rains.


Barn sales and craft shows are such a great way to meet new artists.  Each one has a story, a creative process all their own.  Meeting new people always inspires me and helps to nourish my creativity.  Next time you are at a show stop to speak with the artist.  There is nothing more we like better than to talk about our creations.  Speaking of talking about our art here is a sorta-kinda tentative blogging schedule.  I hope to do a bi-weekly Whatcha’ Making? Series which will showcase our current projects and share what is inspiring us right now.  The series will expand to include Whatcha’ Cooking?  Whatcha’ Reading? and Where you going?  But if you have spent any time with artists ( or women or artsy women) then you know how often we change our minds, so be sure to hang around for the ride!!!!

Blessings and gratitude— Morgan ♥♥♥xoxo

Oh, I almost forgot—— There was a charming farmer there who sold Georgia Peaches.  My hubby bought a bag and I made this peach and blueberry cobbler as thanks.  It was dee-lish!!!!!DSCN6452


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