A Month of Vacations

I’m sorry we haven’t spoken in a while but my family has had loads to celebrate and we have been gone on a month of vacations.

Here’s the low down…

First we had two nephews graduate high school in Seattle, Washington.  So we piled all 6 kids in the SUV for a cross-country road trip.  Our journey took us up through Kentucky, through the great cities of St. Louis and Kansas City and into the wild western states of Wyoming, Utah, and Idaho.I had a great couple of hours driving through Wyoming chasing down a storm on the horizon while listening to a whole Grateful Dead  concert from 1976.  It was one of those perfect moments.




Wyoming mountains.

Wyoming mountains.


mtns 2


We have loads of family in Seattle and extra traveled in from Utah, Nevada, and Hawaii.  We all celebrated  the graduations Samoan style with candy leis and flower leis from Hawaii.  A good time was had by all.

Cousins with candy leis.

Cousins with candy leis.


The next week, after the return trip, our two oldest went to Alabama for a week with the youth group at Camp Ney-A-Ti.  Our oldest carried on a family tradition and was baptized at camp!  Family dinner and celebration pics coming soon.

Isn’t that enough?  Not for us!  Next up was vacation with the other side of the family.  Nineteen of us went down to a resort in Orlando to swim and soak up the sunshine.  We cooked and baked the week-long. Judy made five pies including pecan and three different lemon pies.  Who said we can’t restrain ourselves?  And in keeping with  a Wimbledon Tennis Tournament theme we played our first doubles tennis championships.  My nephew and I were defeated twice by his mom and sister.  The disgrace and shame still lingers.  The training for next year has already begun.  We spent the 4th in Florida with BBQ and fireworks.

Our #3 with an alligator.

Our #3 with an alligator.


Flowers from the 4th.

Flowers from the 4th.

While the past month has had little time for creating, new inspirations abound.  The colors of the Northwest water and mountains, the big sky of Wyoming and Utah all will creep into new creations.  It is so important as an artist to refuel, to travel, to go into the world and see what is there.  It allows for new creations to emerge.  I can’t wait to start making again.

A shout out to The Lord for keeping us safe throughout our travels —Thanks man!!!!!  Blessings & Gratitude– Morgan


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