Return To Routine

The house is quiet. It is the first time I have had quiet in a while. Spring break is over and the boys returned to school today. I am grateful to return to our routine and allow the house and my nerves to settle down a bit.

I have a new favorite magazine called Bella Grace. It is published quarterly by Stampington & Company. It is not a normal magazine. I have yet to see an advertisement. There are no shiny photos of photo shopped women. Instead the pages are brimming with photography and words by creative souls also on this journey. There are places to write my own reflections. There are inspiring quotes and gorgeous pictures. I love it. It is funny how, if I am receptive, the Spirit can move me toward the things I need. It feed my soul.

Still Life

Still Life


Today our church begins a two-week prayer mission called Invoke.  Members of the church sign up to pray for one hour in order to pray continually as a church, 24-7,  for the two weeks before Easter.  My prayer hour is today and another tomorrow.  Last year when I signed up I was terrified.  How can I pray for an hour?  I can hardly hold a two-minute conversation before mentally spacing out.  But my experience last year was so awesome that I am truly looking forward to my time this year.

Our theme this year is”Empty Hands, Open Arms.”  The accompanying verse is John 8:11, which also happens to be today’s reading in the Catholic liturgical year.

John 8-10-11

I was struck when reading this passage that Jesus told the women to go away.  Can you imagine?- Jesus telling you to go away?  It struck me as a little odd.  Jesus offered her, an adulteress, forgiveness, grace, and that was all.  He didn’t stay and fix all her problems.  He didn’t refer her a self-help group or provide further security, for surely her life was still in danger.  He looked her in the eye, granted her forgiveness and told to her to leave.  He thought that his grace, his sacrifice was enough.  And, thank you Lord, it is.               Morgan ♥♥♥

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