Easter Inspiration

Easter Inspiration

Etro throw pillow
$105 – amara.com

Home wall decor

Easter is almost here!!!! Easter is such my favorite holiday.  All the colors, the eggs, its Spring time.  Growing up in a southern Church of Christ we did not celebrate Holy Week.  As a young girl, my mom barely remembers celebrating Christmas or Easter together in the church.  It just wasn’t how they practiced back then.  Thank goodness we have progressed as case in point our church has not one, but three spring time wreaths on the front doors!
As I grew older I sought out our history as Christians, read works from the early church fathers, and discovered Holy Week.  It is the week from Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday when we celebrate the last week of Jesus’ life.  It is the Superbowl of the spiritual year.  Holy Week is super busy.  There is Palm Sunday, Good Friday, egg hunts, Easter Sunday and then a huge dinner with extended family.  I have lots of stuff planned for the next week including age-old traditions and a few new surprises for my family.  And that Peanut Butter Pie recipe I promised is coming on Monday. Please come back and check us out- Morgan ♥♥♥

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