Why can’t I have that?

Yesterday was one of those days. The kind where I got nothing done and was generally in a funk. Then the thoughts came creeping in; why can’t I have a nicer house? Why are my kids not perfect? Why can’t I have a career and more money and brighter teeth? Why can’t I spend my time the way I want to spend it?  So I called my sister and we commiserated for a while.  But I didn’t feel better afterwards, I was still in a funk.  I was still in the midst of my pity party.

I have found that anytime I start a sentence with why can’t I … it is a big red flag that I have left my gratitude at the door and entered into adult temper tantrum mode.  When I am focused on what I don’t have I can no longer see all that I do have.  All I have been blessed with that is above and beyond my basic needs being meet like housing, clean water, food, safety and income. But still it is so easy to get down into the why can’t I have’s…

The only solution to this funk is to get back to grateful.  Starting out with the basics, as mentioned earlier and then into the more specific like my health, that the flowers are blooming, that God is working in my life, and always back to Grace.

So once I acknowledged the fit I was throwing, I consciously asked God to lead me back to grateful and then my mood started to change, the funk went away and while my house was still the same, and I had not made any money in the last hour, or solved world peace and my teeth were the same shade of whatever, my attitude was different and my heart felt lighter.  That’s what gratitude can do.

Lord why can’t I stay grateful all the time?               Morgan ♥♥♥

View from the Farm

View from the Farm

One thought on “Why can’t I have that?

  1. Tracey says:

    Soo good, ol’ pal! Love the “back to grateful . . . back to Grace” ! We all have those days. You are not alone. Thankful the Lord knows our hearts and extends His grace on days when we don’t deserve it.

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