Amazing Grace by Judy S.

We have a treat for you today!  Today’s post is the first from Judy!!!!!  I had asked her to write about Grace for us back during Easter and I am just now getting it posted, totally my fault.  Hopefully I can convince her to do a bi monthly posting.  I know she has lots of wisdom and important insights.  So here we go…

I love Philosophy’s fragrance Amazing Grace.  On the bottle their definition of grace is, “in the end, it all comes down to one word, grace.”  On their candle it says, “when the road seems dark, grace is your light source.  It is a beacon that illuminates the way and leads you towards brighter days.  Grace will light the way.”  I believe both these to be true.

As a child growing up in the small conservative Churches of Christ that we attended throughout Kentucky and Tennessee, I didn’t hear the word “grace” very often.  When I did, it was usually referred to as the “grace only” doctrine that the Methodists believed.  So , what I heard was that “grace” was not something that we needed to be concerned about.

My journey of learning and understanding about grace began when I entered into a treatment center for alcoholism in 1980.  Up until then, to quote the words of Karen Casey, “because I didn’t understand the source of all grace and love, I had turned to men first, and then to alcohol and drugs, where I found an even deeper level of despair.”  As a child of five, and continuing until my teens, I had been sexually and physically abused resulting in addictive behaviors that kept me participating in my own abuse.

I began attending a church in 1984 where the preacher, Rubel Shelly, preached weekly on grace while combining the ideas of 12 Steps of Recovery.  Sunday after Sunday, as I absorbed his words, grace became a living and breathing part of my life and my idea of God changed from a harsh judge to a loving father.

In the story of the prodigal son, the father is seen as running toward the son.  That to me is Grace.  Today I am covered by the blood of my Savior, Jesus Christ.  He takes my pain, my shame, my fears, and in place gives me unconditional love, joy, serenity, courage and wisdom.

Max Lucado says, “A man is never the same after he simultaneously sees his utter despair and Christ’s unbending grace.” And I have never been the same since seeing the light of our Father’s amazing grace.


Announcing the Fairview Missions Market

Hear ye Hear ye


She’s Sew Crazy Studios will be at the first ever Fairview Missions Market on June 26 & 27 at the Fairview Church in Lebanon, Tennessee.  And I can’t wait.  I happen to know some of the ladies involved in hosting this event and I am confident it will be as lovely as they are, not to mention the proceeds of the show go to support the church’s missionary work abroad.  Sounds like a win-win to me.

For all the details click here for their Facebook page.

If you are local why won’t you come see us?  We would love to hug your neck and talk you into buying something!  Plus I know they are going to have a food truck to two around and the shopping will be fabulous.

Our booth colors are going to be lavender and mint inspired by this gorgeous mood board I found on Pinterest.

Mint & Lavender Mood Board

Here’s a taste

Mint Pillow

As my Daddy used to say, “Y’all come back when you can stay a while.” Morgan ♥♥♥

Moments From May and a New Item

May is the second busiest time of the year for our family, next to Christmas. We have several birthdays in May as well as all the end of school activities. Awana shuts down for the summer and the process of opening up the swimming pool begins.  We have had lots of good news this May and hopefully some we will be able to share with you guys soon.

At the end of April my mom and I took our annual pilgrimage to Paducah, Kentucky for the yearly International Quilt Festival.  We shopped and ate and lingered in front of some of the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen. Every year I am amazed and inspired by the quilt submissions from all over the world.  I snapped a few photos of some of my favorites.  For a complete list of the show’s winners go to American Quilter’s Society webpage.

IMG_3965 IMG_3968 IMG_3967 IMG_3966 IMG_3964 IMG_3963 IMG_3962 IMG_3960

We also bought lots of new materials and tools for sewing, plus a little fabric.  Here are some pics of what I brought home.

The Quilt Pounce- a new chalk based system for machine quilting designs. I love it!

The Quilt Pounce- a new chalk based system for machine quilting designs. I love it!

New black and white fabrics.

New black and white fabrics.

This color way is called fairies- a must buy for me.  This hand dyed ribbon and threads are made in Africa by women working to support their families.

This color way is called fairies- a must buy for me. This hand dyed ribbon and threads are made in Africa by women working to support their families.

Finally we have a new item to share today.  It is the first item from our new Heirloom Product Line and we are so very proud of it.

Heirloom Wedding Pillow

Heirloom Wedding Pillow
It is  a personalized Wedding Pillow, hand embroidered, and full of sumptuous details our creations are known from like vintage lace, repurposed linens, beading and patchwork quilting.

See the details here at its Etsy listing.  It is a perfect wedding gift even if you cannot attend the ceremony.  We will gift wrap it for you and direct ship it straight to the happy couple.

Did I mention May was busy???  I totally forgot we also did a brand new barn sale!  I have told you guys about January before, how she is awesome and creative and totally who I wanna be when I grow up.  Well she has gone and upped her street cred with a new successful Spring barn show called Garden & Goods located at the Cragfont Mansion in historic Castalian Springs, Tennessee.  The location was stunning and the vendors were top-notch.  January really knows her stuff and again produced a wonderful weekend of music, shopping and food.  Please go and check out January for yourselves at her website J. Alexander Home Designs and Facebook page and give her some love- she deserves it.

Here are some shots from our booth at the Garden & Goods Show.

Baby Onesies and Sachet

Baby Onesies and Sachet

New Set of burp cloths.

New Set of burp cloths.


New Friendship Sachet Set, Embroidered Candle Holders and Heart Sachet Gift.

New Friendship Sachet Set, Embroidered Candle Holders and Heart Sachet Gift.

My plans for June is to take some risks and try to maybe lose some weight!  We shall see about that.  We’ve got lots to share this summer.  We have added new booths to our schedule and are busy busy creating new items to fill those engagements.   I am currently updating the Etsy shops and hopefully very  soon will be able to share a new venue with you.  Until then, sew on my friends, sew on.   Morgan ♥♥♥