Monday’s Inspiration April 9, 2018

It has been raining here, like everyday, for weeks.  And not friendly, warm Spring rain but really nasty cold rain.  I decided to take my inspiration from what is given and make our Spring 2018 Line dedicated to April Showers.  All things rainy like clouds, rain boots and umbrellas are involved and all our friends that arrive with the rain like flowers and frogs are invited too.  This year’s Spring Line is adorable and I know you are just going to love it.  It premiers this Friday over at the Etsy shop– I’m so excited.

To begin, our inspiration this week is frogs! We have a pond at our house and when it rains the frogs begin to sing.  It is so loud at night time!  We sit on our front porch and listen to the frogs talk to one another.  It sounds like there are thousands. Where do they come from?  After a long, cold winter it seems the storms literally rain the frogs back into the pond.

In the summer the tree frogs sing back to the pond frogs and their harmony becomes the sound stage for Summer.  While it is still rainy and cold today, I know that the rain brings the Spring and our frog friends proclaim its arrival.

Enjoy our April Showers Inspiration Board over at our Pinterest page.  On Wednesday I will show you what we are making featuring frogs. Don’t forget to hop over to see that. (LOL)  Meanwhile here is a snapshot of some of the materials for Wednesday’s project.





Thanks guys- see you soon!


(Frog photo via Pinterest via Twitter-Fascinating Pictures)

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