Whatcha Makin? April 11, 2018

Its Wednesday and I can’t wait to show you what we have been working on.  Monday we let you know that frogs were the inspiration for this weeks project.  Without delay may I present…..


Croa Croa


Croa Croa is what our frog friends say in Spanish!  When April brings us rain showers our frog friends return to play and sing us a lullaby.  Can’t you imagine all those croaks and ribbits are greetings to cousins and friends that have been boarded up for the winter.


Croa Croa is a mixed media piece.  Materials include canvas, vinyl, fabric, embroidery thread and glitter.  It is available as a print or original artwork.  There is also onesies and stickers featuring our friend Croa Croa.

This print is available now in our Etsy shop and the rest of the Croa Croa line debuts Friday.  All of April we will present our 2018 Spring Line with Inspirations on Monday and Project reveals on Wednesdays.  We list new items in the shop on Fridays.

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