Mia’s Quilt- May 2017 Sewing Project

Our niece had her first baby—- over a year ago!!! I immediately promised her a baby quilt and still  have not made it for her.  (((Yikes.)))  A few months later, I had my seventh baby and our first baby girl!!! I haven’t sewn one thing since she was born.  I am so very excited to dust off my sewing machine.  I think this project will be perfect to get the sewing going again.

I bought this lovely quilt pattern, Take Heart–by Mack and Mabel from her Etsy shop.  Isn’t it adorable!

Take Heart Quilt Pattern

Take Heart Quilt Pattern by Mack and Mabel available at www.mackandmabel.etsy.com

The pattern is well written and gives instructions for several different sizes.  My niece picked a blue color scheme.  I immediately thought of the Cold Spell fabric line by Laundry Basket Quilts.

The pattern uses jelly roll strips so I purchased the Cold Spell Batiks jelly roll.  I think they are going to look sweet as the hearts against a warm creamy white background.

We are hoping to visit them out West next month.  I would love to be able to hold her all bundled up in her new quilt.


Baby Mia—OMG– Is she not the cutest !???!!

I will post project pics on Instagram —#shessewcrazy  #shessewcrazystudios #shessewcrazyprojects  #shessewcrazymay

Look for the reveal later in May!!!

Whatcha Makin? April 11, 2018

Its Wednesday and I can’t wait to show you what we have been working on.  Monday we let you know that frogs were the inspiration for this weeks project.  Without delay may I present…..


Croa Croa


Croa Croa is what our frog friends say in Spanish!  When April brings us rain showers our frog friends return to play and sing us a lullaby.  Can’t you imagine all those croaks and ribbits are greetings to cousins and friends that have been boarded up for the winter.


Croa Croa is a mixed media piece.  Materials include canvas, vinyl, fabric, embroidery thread and glitter.  It is available as a print or original artwork.  There is also onesies and stickers featuring our friend Croa Croa.

This print is available now in our Etsy shop and the rest of the Croa Croa line debuts Friday.  All of April we will present our 2018 Spring Line with Inspirations on Monday and Project reveals on Wednesdays.  We list new items in the shop on Fridays.

Monday’s Inspiration April 9, 2018

It has been raining here, like everyday, for weeks.  And not friendly, warm Spring rain but really nasty cold rain.  I decided to take my inspiration from what is given and make our Spring 2018 Line dedicated to April Showers.  All things rainy like clouds, rain boots and umbrellas are involved and all our friends that arrive with the rain like flowers and frogs are invited too.  This year’s Spring Line is adorable and I know you are just going to love it.  It premiers this Friday over at the Etsy shop shessewcrazystudios.etsy.com-– I’m so excited.

To begin, our inspiration this week is frogs! We have a pond at our house and when it rains the frogs begin to sing.  It is so loud at night time!  We sit on our front porch and listen to the frogs talk to one another.  It sounds like there are thousands. Where do they come from?  After a long, cold winter it seems the storms literally rain the frogs back into the pond.

In the summer the tree frogs sing back to the pond frogs and their harmony becomes the sound stage for Summer.  While it is still rainy and cold today, I know that the rain brings the Spring and our frog friends proclaim its arrival.

Enjoy our April Showers Inspiration Board over at our Pinterest page.  On Wednesday I will show you what we are making featuring frogs. Don’t forget to hop over to see that. (LOL)  Meanwhile here is a snapshot of some of the materials for Wednesday’s project.





Thanks guys- see you soon!


(Frog photo via Pinterest via Twitter-Fascinating Pictures)

Monday’s Inspiration May 8, 2017


Today’s inspiration is my favorite color…Purple!

Purple Inspiration Board

Purple has always been my favorite color, even as a girl.  I love it’s variety- from pale Powder and Lilac to the richness of Sangria, to the color royalty of deep Plum.

Need more purple inspiration–  Or just love purple like me?

Click here to view my Purple Pinterest Page

It’s worth it, I promise.

Our newest collection is full of purple fabrics and items.

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Plums  Shell  Door  Door Knob  Basket  Threads (mine)